Peeeks and Greenchoice join forces to stabilize production of green energy

Peeeks and Greenchoice join forces to stabilize production of green energy

Unique solution ensures better use of clean energy and eliminates polluting power plants

May 4 2017 – Delft-based software company Peeeks and green energy supplier Greenchoice have joined forces to stabilize the production of sustainable energy with biogas generators. The unique Peeeks platform allows energy companies to unlock flexibility within their energy portfolios, ensuring an optimal overview of storage, buffering and supply of energy that answers to the demands of modern society and eliminates the need of polluting power plants in the long run.

“Both Peeeks and Greenchoice believe in a future that is driven by clean and sustainable energy. That’s why we started building on it”, Wouter Robers President of Opportunities of Peeeks says. An increase of renewable energy generation is putting added pressure on the balancing management systems of energy suppliers. Peeeks and Greenchoice are building a network of biogas generators and a corresponding software platform that stabilizes the energy flow within the electricity grid.

Within the network that Peeeks and Greenchoice build, supply and demand of energy can be matched. Working with an innovative system that makes use of Primary Control Reserve (PCR)*, customers including Greenchoice have the ability to stabilize and control the energy flow with a single API.

This unique combination of biogas generators, PCR and the innovative system result in a sustainable way of stabilizing the energy flow, which does not rely on polluting power generators stepping in to provide the stabilization. “Leading to the close-down of traditional plants, a big step to enhance a greener future”, Robers says.

On top of that, added value is created for the customers of companies like Greenchoice – both the owners of bio-gas generators and individual households – because all parties can get the most out of their assets and work together towards a greener and more sustainable future. This results in strong long-term relationships between energy companies and their customers, whom are difficult to sustain in an increasingly demanding market of energy supply.

Wind turbines
Next to biogas generators, Peeeks also applies its service and platform to wind turbines. Today wind turbines run regardless of the demand of energy. This creates a mismatch on the grid due to differences between their e-program and supply of energy, which leads to incurring cost that weigh on the business case for wind parks.

Peeeks installs control boxes at medium-sized wind parks, some of which are not monitored at the moment. By making use of the Peeeks platform and the 24/7 monitoring service, the wind turbines are controlled to get a better business case for these wind parks. This improvement is achieved by optimizing the use of the wind park on economical profitable moments, by making use of imbalance pricing.

Peeeks is moving into the rest of Europe, allowing energy companies to create a better portfolio of energy generation and usage.

Read more about it in the Greenchoice article (Dutch only)

* Primary Control Reserve is the first of three control reserve mechanisms that has to react within a maximum of 30 seconds to maintain a constant frequency of 50 Hz in the synchronous coupled European electricity grid.

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