Gas Generators

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The current increase in renewable energy sources and decentralized generation are putting added pressure on the balancing management systems of electric companies. As a result, storage and buffering of energy is becoming essential in the creation of flexible systems. Gas generators can provide a significant amount of flexibility to help stabilize the grid. These services can vary from demand-response to frequency control services. Connecting a network of gas generators to the Peeeks platform can monetize this stabilization by providing Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Control Reserve. Peeeks provides this service together with electric companies who have numerous gas generators in their portfolio. Peeeks provides a fully developed API that makes it easy to integrate the platform into the electric companies own trading and monitoring systems.

Peeeks helps electric companies to stabilize their portfolio, which enables them to add more solar and wind power to their generation portfolio. Because Peeeks gets the most out the assets, electric companies provide a better result for their customers. The customer and the electric company are both helping the energy market to be more sustainable.

Primary Control Reserve

Greenchoice is connecting a network of bio gas generators to their customers via Peeeks’ Flex-as-a-Service, providing Primary Control Reserve to TenneT. The biogas generators are connected and monitored through Peeeks’ system. Peeeks’ technicians take care of the installation of the hardware. The customer and Greenchoice are happy with the extra service and the extra green image they provide for each other.


Greenchoice is a Dutch energy supplier who has a sole focus on renewable energy. The company supports behavioral change in energy use and invests in self supporting energy creation by its customers. Their vision is to create an energy market where 100% renewable energy is self-evident.

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