Wind Parks

wind turbine

More and more onshore and offshore wind parks are being built, generating more sustainable energy. However, the business case of wind energy is not yet optimal. Developing a wind park is expensive and the payback period is long. The unpredictable nature of wind leads to fluctuating energy prices and the owner losing money as the wind turbines generate energy. Extra wind services are needed to yield extra money, which improves the business case.

Peeeks controls wind park power generation for electric companies. By controlling their wind parks, Peeeks economically optimizes the business case for this renewable energy source, thus realizing the full potential of wind parks.

Flex-as-a-Service includes the wind platform. Peeeks provides installation of the hardware, and monitors the park 24/7 through the wind portal. Peeeks provides a fully developed API that makes it easy to integrate the platform into the electric companies own trading and monitoring systems.